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Without any bias, prejudice or discrimination, the Organization fosters human values, human rights and dignity, and endeavors to build a new society wherein all communities in Sri Lanka could live in total freedom without any fear or hatred. The following are specific objectives of the Organization:


Protection and promotion of Human Rights in Sri Lanka,



Representing persons subjected to violations of human rights in primary courts and in superior courts of law;



Disseminating information relating to violations of human rights in Sri Lanka, in national, regional and international forums;



Interacting and coordinating with other groups, officials and individuals interested in human rights and humanitarian work;



Conducting seminars, meetings and study groups for the promotion of human rights;



Such other and further steps necessary to protect and promote human rights, human values and human dignity.


The office of the Forum is located in Colombo. The Forum has established coordinating units in Jaffna and Batticaloa. The Forum will continue to function as long as violations of human rights persist in Sri Lanka.




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