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  1. Our campaign against Human Rights violation and disappearances has to some extent improved the situation in Sri Lanka.

  1. We have initiated the process of mobilizing and sensitizing the larger community into greater awareness of the gravity of the problem of indiscriminate arrest, prolonged detention, torture, killing, disappearances and rape and instill the need for organized protests to prevent extra-legal methods resulting in the violations of basic human rights of Tamils.

  1. We have also alerted N.G.Oís, political parties, UN Agencies and concerned individuals the world over to exert pressure on the Sri Lankan authorities to strictly observe the Rule of Law.

  1. Our activities it appears have had a significant impact in Tamil community and had helped many asylum seekers in foreign countries.

  1. Our complaints to the Presidentís Committee on Unlawful arrests and harassment brought quick remedies to the victims of arbitrary arrests and harassment.

  1. There is some improvements of the condition of families of disappeared fishermen. Hon. The Minister of Fisheries has taken steps to provide dry rations to families of the victims and providing air tickets to the Sri Lankan fishermen those who were discharged from Indian Courts.

  1. F.H.D is not only assisting to detainees individually but also monitors the Human Rights Situation and take appropriate actions to alleviate the suffering of people. In a number of instances, F.H.D took up various issues and fought for the peopleís rights. Some of those issues are given below.


Before the formation of F.H.D, Secretary collected the details of the disappeared in Jaffna in 1996 and alerted the international Community. After our campaign, disappearance has been decreased and there are hardly any disappearances in Jaffna after 1997.



Though F.H.D give legal aid and other humanitarian assistance to everyone from any part of Sri Lanka, our special and attention is about the people of the North & East of Sri Lanka particularly those living in Jaffna. We closely monitor the situation in Jaffna and take prompt action to improve the Human Rights situation and there. F.H.D can proudly say the human rights situation in Jaffna has improved over the years and normalcy has been restored there.



Earlier in 1997, 1998, detainees from Jaffna were brought to Kalutara and underwent a lot of difficulties. During that period, F.H.D gave not only Legal assistances but also all other humanitarian assistances to them till they are sent back to their homes in Jaffna. This in includes bail moneys, transport and Lodging to detainees. Later the F.H.D made appeal to the Anti Harassment Committee and transferred all these cases from Anuradhapura Magistrate Court to the Magistrate Courts in Jaffna. Now these cases are being heard in Jaffna. F.H.D also pressurized the Government for setting up the High Court in Jaffna.



In the East, S.T.F was treating the Tamils in a high handed manner and made all male members of the Tamil community to work for them in their camps on every Sunday. These practices were going on for years and Thousands of Tamils had to undergo such hardships every Sunday. When the F.H.D came to know about this forced labour, it collected the detail information and complained to the Anti Harassment Committee. This forced labour practice was stopped immediately and people in the East were relieved of this in human treatment.



The New Immigrant act which was brought in 1998 is very harsh and affects the detainees very badly. When the Magistrate started implementing the provision in Jan. 1999, a large number of people were sentenced for violating this Law and underwent a lot of hardship. That time F.H.D excerted pressure on the government and in a few months time, the Magistrate become lenient and allowed the detainees to go on bail. This practice was going on until recently. This year a new Magistrate was appointed and again he strictly implements the provisions of the Immigrant Act. Again F.H.D has taken up this matter with the relevant ministries and is waiting for their response.



In the case of the asylum seekers F.H.D had closely monitored the deportees situation and disseminate these information to NGOís, Lawyers and all those who are concerned about them. F.H.D prepared a deportee situation reports in 2000 highlighting the problems faced by the deportees. This report has been used and quoted in Courts in Europe, Australia, and Canada. Based in our report judgments were also delivered.

























































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