Human Rights and Dignity are part and parcel of Human beings. Under no circumstances should these be denied even to the poorest of the poor. Neither the Constitution nor the legislation can take away the rights of men under the sun.

The Forum for Human Dignity was set up with a view to foster human values, Human Rights and dignity and to build up a society free from fear or hatred, where all communities in this land can live in amity

The report for the year 2000, is based on our personal knowledge and experience, and contains cases we handled and also from information we received from the affected people themselves plus information from the media.

The PTA has given a long rope to the security forces to arrest, detain and, torture. Very often it is the poor and the underprivileged that face such treatment.

This long drawn out war has caused much hardship and untold suffering for the people.

This report for the New Year of the Millenium gives an account of cases where both Human dignity and, freedom of movement have suffered to a considerable extent, not to mention ill treatment of animals too.


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